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Higher machine rate –
      Linear motors complement pneumatics
            Element with linear motor LMA

  The proven and refined linear
elements from Held AG, are NEW
available with integrated,
electromagnetic linear motors.
They are excellently suited as addition
or an alternative to pneumatic solutions.
  The capacity of existing or of new plants
and equipment can be increased easily by a
selected installation of elements with
linear motor LMA. Initial pure electric
solutions are also feasible.
  • Positions, process operations as well
    as power can be programmed as
    required by software
  • Integrated, proximity monitoring
    of end-positions
  • Pure electric solution without
    compressed air
  • Less components (no shock absorbers,
    valves, throttles, stops, sensors, hoses…)
  • matches to the existing product
    range of Held AG
  • simple construction with an
    extreme long life expectancy
  • cost-efficient and flexible stations
  • P&P-Movements below 1s feasible
  • velocities up to 3,5m/s

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