Welding machine to join ends of steel sheet rolls

You have some band gashing problems in your tool-kit ?
You want to improve your production capacity ?

We suggest you :

Our welding machine allows you to produce in continuous, whatever the strip dispensing process is, without having to stop the line, which eliminates the repeated feeding and starting operations. 

This equipment increases the feeding capacity of the presses, the extrusion machines or all the other production lines using rough strips. 

It is not necessary to stop the production cycle after the strip decoiler or the loop, even if you do not have an accumulator : the strip ends are joined with a welding process and the operations consisting in introducing the strip and starting again the cycle are not required any more. 

The ST120 welding machine can be installed between the strip decoiler and the accumulator . However, due to its flexibility, It can also be placed before the strip feeding system. 

Examples of applications : strip cutting and stamping, cold forming, feeding machines, trancanage , slitting line, frame extrusion machines, etc.

ST120 : the reference machine

Main characteristics :

The ST 120 machine is realized with standard components already in industrial conditions.

The different operations :

Band in the rough
The two bands are cut with an angle of 15.
 It's an essential stage to join the ends of band.
With two linear motions, the two extremities are joined end to end
The two extremities are welded
After the welding, according to the matters and the asked welding charasteristic, the welding cord can be compressed; there isn't almost left any thickness

The process :

The welding machine use is easy because the touch panel will help you during the welding cycle.

As a rule of thumb, the cycle time is less than a minute, depending on the material and the operator.

Descriptive :

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